carlos HD


Carlos is a very talented film producer. He is currently working with me on a documentry about my beginings as a rap artist. He has filmed many things thus far. He was there at the interview with Mindebris Records. He was there to film my first performance. Also he captured on film my first time recording in a studio! He has helped a lot and is great to work with. If you are interested in contacting him for projects or you just want to say hi go hit him up on my space!

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Stein Vidar

Stein Vidar has designed the header image for this website. I am forever greatful for his contribution! He is currently workin on the album cover for my first EP! Can’t wait to see it!

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DJ John
DJ John/Fat Cat Music House and Lounge

DJ John has been giving “Double Fisted” heavy rotation at the Fat Cat Music House and Lounge! This club is lots of fun! I have been going there for years and over the years DJ John and I have become great friends!! I am deeply greatful for his help in promoting the song!

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Adllib/Mysplact Crew

He has invested lots of time with me on artist developement and is the producer of the original beat for “Double Fisted”. He is the FIRST producer to ever work with me. He has connected me with many other people in the industry to help me in the beginings of building my empire. He is also the owner of a cd duplication company. If you are producing your own cds and you need to have them actually manufactured he is the man to call. You can get your own design or picture in full color on each of your discs! Contact him for a quote today! He will be manufacturing my first EPs!

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G/Mindebris Records

I am currently workin with G on other songs for my first EP. G is the producer and owner of Mindebris Records. I have interviewed him in Podpisode 12 and 13. Fortunately his signed artist, Magichild was available and is also featured in the interview. G is a talented artist as well and maybe featured in some of the songs coming out in my first EP. Stay tuned to find out!!!

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