Podpisode 36

November 12th, 2006

whats up? awwwwwww shit its been a long time!! AND no show notes… so sue me!

Podpisode 35

October 19th, 2006


What up!! Im only a little late with this one!! I will do show notes tomorrow!! I PROMISE!!!

Podpisode 34

October 12th, 2006


Hope you like the show!! I was in a hurry!! Hahaha! Consistancy is HARD!!! Anyway shownotes will be updated soon AND go to podsafe adio dammit!!!

Podpisode 33

October 5th, 2006


What’s Up? Hey Its my birthday!! Now here’s my birthday wish: I want to be #1 on podsafe audio! Only you can make my wish come true so please click here to play my songs on pod safe audio and make me #1!

Thanks for your support!! I will be posting more show notes for this podcast and the previous one soon…

Podpisode 32

September 28th, 2006

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Show notes will be posted soon!!! Sorry…

Podpisode 31

September 5th, 2006

download pic

What’s UP!!! I recorded this podcast weeks ago!! But I was having technical difficulties in posting it! SO sorry! I got some really hot music, though!! That should make up for it!!!

Featured Artists:

Tech 9.5.jpgTech 9.jpg
Tech 9 ft. E-40 ~ JellySickle
Click Here to Visit Tech 9 on my space

The Team ~ Ambassador Night
Click Here to Visit the team on my space

Shabbach ~ I Been
Click Here to Visit Shabbach on my space

hard target
Hard Target ft. Laws ~ Leave Me Alone
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Jibbs ~ Does Your Chain Hang Low?
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Royalty ~ Dreams
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Podpisode 30

August 17th, 2006

Download Podpisode 30

What up?! I found a hot mixtape that’s givin away some free downloads! Its from the valley to the bay! Very local!! My photos are finally done! Go check em out on myspace!
Featured Artists:

Raphael RJ2 ~ Right All Along
Click here to visit Raphael on myspace
Click here to visit Raphael on Soundclick

Occupied Thought.jpgOccupied Thought2.jpg
Occupied Thought ~ Rock To It
Click here to visit Occupied Thought on My Space


Kristo ~ Fire It Up
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Livin Proof Beats/ G Wood & Reckless~ More Block Biz
Livin Proof Beats/B Greezy ~ Go Dumb Like This

Block Biz copy.jpg

Block Bizz ~ Valley to the Bay Vol. 1
Click Here to find out how to get a copy of the MIXTAPE!!! They have a my space page!

Chuck Dimes ~ A Fresh Start
Chuck Dimes ~ What Next
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Podpisode 29

July 28th, 2006


What’s Up? This is a good dose of the shit I been workin on! AND The drama people and life put in my way so that I won’t succeed easily…
Stay Real! Stay Sucka Free!

Featured Artists:
Atmosphere ~ Watch Out
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Jumz ~ Paid It In Pain
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Deal ~ Early
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Sir Moj
Sir Moj ~ It’s Nothin’
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IGT ~ Mama Said
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Shawdy Jizzle
Shawtty Jizzle ~ Think I’m Playin
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Podpisode 28

July 12th, 2006

Download Podpisode 28
What e do? Did you miss me? Leave me a comment then… hahaha! Lots of news and a special announcement! Check it out!
Featured Artists:

Raphael RJ2 ~ Step Up On The Scene
Raphael RJ2 ~ I Done Came Up
Click Here To visit Raphael RJ2 on my space
Click Here To visit Raphael RJ2 on Soundclick

Jumz ~ I Love You
Click Here to visit Jumz’ Official Website
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SinestroMr. TownJohn Scanlon
Ill Genetics ~ 15 Mile Radius
Click Here to visit Ill Genetics on my space


June 7th, 2006

Jeesh! It has been too long!!!!! Dont worry I am hard at work gettin some things together… A new podcast is coming soon with tons of updates and possibly my new intro!!! Dont worry I am not going anywhere!!!!!!!
Stay Up!

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